Major Function

Investigation and research into the economic operations and enterprise development of the machinery industry, representation to the government of the opinions and requests of industry enterprises, and offering of suggestions, proposals and consultation services for the formulation of technical, economic and trade policies for the industry, as well as for the industry's restructuring:
Analysis and publication of industry-related technical and economic information, including conducting market forecasts and providing information services to the government, enterprises, CMIF members and intermediary units, etc;

Organization and establishment of national and industrial standards and technical norms for the machinery industry, and publication and implementation of such standards and norms;

Provision of diagnostic and consultation services for quality inspection for machinery enterprises, and participation in industrial quality certification and supervision management;

Organization of industrial scientific and technological achievement evaluation, and recommendation of candidates for state-level scientific and technological achievement awards;

Organization of the development of international and domestic technical and economic cooperation and exchange with related industrial organizations and companies;

Organization of related industrial training and business visits programs;

Organization of the coordination and presentation of large-scale domestic and international exhibitions for the machinery industry;

Offering proposals according to state industrial policies to disseminate energy-saving products, to selectively eliminate outdated products, and to encourage priority products;

Drawing up of industrial regulations and agreements to promote enterprise self-discipline, and to protect the integral interests of enterprises and the legal rights of consumers;

Publication and distribution of information bulletins and magazines, organization of promotional exchanges;

Contracting of other tasks entrusted by the government and of services requested by members.

Major Function
Managing Associations
Managing Organizations
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