Scope of Business

Entrusted by relevant government departments, the CMIF undertakes the following responsibilities:

Conducting of statistics and analyses of the economic operation of the machinery industry according to the Laws for Statistics; and conducting of research and monitoring of the industry's economic climate and publication of economic operations bulletins of the machinery industry and its subordinate sectors.

Organization of the Establishment and refining of the industry's science and technology working system, to carry out preliminary feasibility studies and applications of projects of S& T research, S& T inventions and major equipment in the machinery industry; dissemination of energy-efficient and environmental-protection projects; and proposals for the list of products to be eliminated; and setting up of "The Science and Technology Awards of China's Machinery Industry " to encourage progress in S & T.

Sponsorship of the design, modification and publication of the industrial standards of the machinery sectors, and its routine management; conducting of research, proofing and release of plans for machinery industry standards development; and study of the reform and creation of new systems of machinery industry standardization.

Establishment of an approval office for certification of products of low-voltage electrical devices, cables and wires, lifting and transportation equipment, internal combustion engines, and pumps, etc., working out and publication of essential criteria for certificate approval of partial products; organization of staff training; approvals of applications for certification of products and inspection of factory conditions. Conducting of training and certification for designers of pressure vessels and pipes; initiating of training of human resources for physical and chemical inspections in the machinery industry; and participation in the approval of quality-control sampling schemes for machinery products.

Provision of consultation services in information and product bidding for enterprises in major projects such as "The Three Gorges" and "Gas Diversion from West to East"; and assistance to relevant government departments in the aspects of feasibility studies, equipment selection, and the tendering process for such projects.

Initiation of industry investigations into product losses, to work out anti-subsidy and anti-dumping measures, so as to establish an industry warning system; and conducting of analytical studies on the industry's systemic reforms and pricing systems, so as to provide market information to government and enterprises.

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Scope of Business