HuBei ShenLi Forging Ltd, the subsidiary company of DongFeng Commercial Vehicles Corporation, with a total investment of 222.27 million Yuan, has a designed annual forging capacity of 16,000 tons, including 40,000 units of front-axle set. In August, 2001 and June, 2003, it acquired the certifications of ISO 9001 (the quality assurance system). Its total industrial output value and annual sales revenue are all over 100 million Yuan, the profit and tax is altogether more than 10 million Yuan, and pre capita profit and tax is almost 50 thousand Yuan. From 309 sets of various devices owned by Shenli Ltd, the hot-die forging pressing machine which is imported from Russia has the bigger forging ability than all their domestic counterparts. Moreover, ShenLi Ltd also possessed a 25MN hot-die forging production line, two production lines of 20 MN pad-mould forging and corresponding unloading equipments, four production lines for processing motor vehicle¡¯s front-axle, arms of three-arm and other parts, and one line for axle set assembly. Its main output are front-axles and motor cranks for sorts of automobiles, and front-rear-axle sets for both middle size and heavy-duty trucks.

    Its annual productive capacity: 10000 units of processing motor vehicle¡¯s front-axle, 60,000 units of Automobile axle-set. 200000 set big-size forging parts, 2000 tons of middle/small size forging parts.

The purpose of the company: manufacture the product of quality, offer the best service

President, the chairman of the board: Yang Jucai
General Manager: Pan Zuwu

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